Morning Arrival Procedure

1.Quietly enter classroom. Greet your teacher.
2.Remove items for the day (agenda, supply bag, homework, etc.) from backpack.
3.Hang up- Backpack and Coat on back of chair;
4.Make sure you have materials for the day (sharpen pencils, erasers, etc.)
5.Eat breakfast with 0-1 voice level.
6.Begin Bell Work
7.AFTER morning announcements, when teacher gives the cue, throw breakfast trash away.

Rewards and Consequences

•Good call or note home
•PRIDE Points for parties
•Rewards that you choose: class ticket system, etc.
•Hawk Bucks


-1: Warning

-2: Power Station/Think Sheet

-3 Lunch Detention

-4 After School Detention/call home

-5 Office Referral/call home

"Line-Up" Procedure

1.1.Dean’s Student of the Month is always first in line
2.Bathroom monitors and hall monitor for the week will be next in line..
3.When instructed to line up, line up by PRIDE groups.
4.Form a straight line with hands at your sides.
5.Allow appropriate space between you and the person in front of and behind you.
6.No line cutting. 
7. When signaled, begin walking at level 0.

Pencil Procedure

1.You MUST have a pencil to complete work in our classroom!!
2.Your pencil is kept inside your supply bag and inside of your desk when it is not in use.
3.If you need a pencil you may bring your dull pencil (ONLY DURING WORK TIME) to the “need to be sharpened” cup and take a sharpened one out the “sharpened” cup, using a level 0 voice.
4. If you can not find your pencil you will need to RAISE TWO FINGERS IMMEDIATELY to get my attention.
5. There is a fee in our classroom for lost items. (Tickets)

Desk Work

1.When signaled gather the supplies you need to work.
2.ALWAYS sit 6 on the floor!
3.Ask 3 neighbors at your team before you ask me.
4.Then, raise your hand if you need help.
5.Work quietly at a level 0/1.

Dry Erase Boards

1.When signaled for this, you may take out your board and marker.
2.Press lightly with your marker and use it to write, TRY NOT TO WASTE INK!!
3.Use your sock to erase.
4.When signaled to clean up, make sure you tightly cap your marker.
5.Return marker and sock to the box.
6. Return your cleaned off board to your book box.

Shoulder Partner

1.You are partnered with a shoulder partner for these activities.
2.Listen to instructions and when you are signaled you will turn to your partner.
3.Using a voice level of 1 complete the activity.
4. Thank your partner and then wait at level 0 for directions.

Group Restroom Breaks

1.Bathroom monitors and hall monitors will be called to line up first..
2.Once I have indicated line up as directed. At level 0 you WALK straight to the line.
3.Boys and girls will line exit the classroom stopping at the corner.
4.Once directed, girls will take one step aside and move to the outside of the girls bathroom. Boys will also move to the outside of the boys bathroom.
5.Monitors will indicate how many students may enter the restroom.
6.Use the bathroom as quickly as possible, voice level 0.
7.Make sure your uniform is all zipped, buttoned, and tucked.
8.Wash your hands using soap and warm water. Dry your hands.
9.Get a drink if you prefer. Line up in the middle of the hallway and wait for instructions to return to class.
10.Return to the classroom the same way you left it, walking and at level 0, place the bathroom pass back on the hook and return to your area.

Individual Restroom Breaks

•Students are to be mindful that missing class time is harmful to their learning. Because of this, individual restroom breaks are to be kept to a minimum.

•Individual students are allowed to go to the bathroom four times per month without having to move their clip down one level.

•A restroom sign-out sheet is placed by the door. Students are to write their name and their “time in” and “time out” on this form.

Drinking Fountain Procedure

1.Signal with one finger or wait for a restroom whole class break.
2.Using walking feet travel to the fountain at a level 0.
3.Wait in line for your turn for water.
4.As you drink say to yourself, “1,2,3, that is enough for me”.
5.Return to the classroom using walking feet at a level 0.

Tissue Procedure

1.Signal with FOUR FINGERS. When given approval, you may get one tissue at any time from the tissue boxes in our room.
2.Make sure you travel at level 0 and return to your desk with the tissue.
3.Once you are finished place the tissue in the trash can.
4.Return to your spot quietly and quickly.

Lunch Procedure

1.When prompted, line up for lunch by PRIDE Groups.
2.Those who have a packed lunch may go retrieve their lunch from the basket and resume their spot in PRIDE order.
3.When the line is signaled you will stay in PRIDE order and walk at level 0 down the hallway stopping at the door. As you exit the door, you may take ONE small squirt of hand sanitizer and rub it in.
4.Once directed, you will walk at level 0 to the next door and stop.
5.Once directed, you will walk at level 0 to the lunchroom and follow the directions of Ms. Billingsly who will indicate whether or not you should be seated at your table or move to the line for hot lunch.
6.While in the lunchroom, follow the directions of Ms. Billingsly and the teachers on lunch duty.


1.  Students will be designated a library day once per week during DEAR time.
2. During your library time, quickly select 2-3 just right books from the classroom library.
3. When signaled, you may grab a book marking stick, and search for books with a level 0 voice. If you need to place a book back on the shelf, place it where you inserted your marking stick.
4. Ask a teacher for help with books if needed.
5. When you find 3-5 right fit books, see your teacher to check out.
6. Take your books to your seat and begin reading quietly.
7. When your books not being read, they are to be stored in your book box at your desk. NEVER take home library books.

Dismissal Procedure

1.When indicated, we will silently travel to our lockers and gather our things and return to our desk. While waiting for your turn to go to your locker, you may read, work on homework, etc..
2.Pack up your book bag and hang your bag on the back of your chair.
3.When the wipe arrives at your team wipe your desk 100% and pass it or throw it away (when all desks are clean) in the trash can.
4.After afternoon announcements, listen carefully for your name AND your bus number. Voice levels at 0-1.
6. Students will travel in one single file 4S line down lobby and follow teacher directions from there.

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