Grading Policy

1. Some classwork, such as writing assignments and projects will receive a point grade based.  Points for these assignments will vary by assignment.

2.  Most classwork and Homework will receive a grade of √+, √, or √-.   In the gradebook, a 
√+ is equivalent to a 90%, √ is equivalent to a 70%, and a √- is equivalent to a 40%.  As you can see, it is VERY important that work is completed on time and corrections are made when we go over it in class.
      A.   √+ means that all work was completed on time and any corrections were made in red                pen
      B.    √ work was completed late and/ or corrections were not made in red pen
      C.    √- work was incomplete and/or missing corrections

3.  Tests and quizzes will have a % grade
      A.   90-100 A
      B.   80-89 B
      C.   70-79 C
      D.   60-69 D
      E.      0-59 F

Homework Policy

1.  Homework will be assigned Monday through Thursday. 

2.  Homework is due the next day to receive full credit. 

3.  Homework is to be completed in pencil unless otherwise specified. 

4.  Homework will be reviewed in class the next day. 

5.  Any student with 5 or more missing assignments (homework or classwork) at the end of the month may not attend the monthly P.R.I.D.E. Party until their missing assignments are complete.  The will be held in the classroom and away from the festivities until their assignments have been completed satisfactorily.  Upon completion, they may have all P.R.I.D.E. privileges earned that month restored.

Attendance Policy

1.  The tardy bell rings at 8:05. All students who are not in the classroom by then need to have a tardy slip issued from Ms. Sara in the main office. 

2.  If you are absent, you will have the same number of days to complete missing assignments as you were absent. For example, if you were absent 2 days, you have 2 days to complete assignments. 

3.  Make up tests will be completed by arrangement.

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